Olive Oil

In the small village of Anoskeli, at the outskirts of Chania, extra virgin olive oil (conventional and organic) is traditionally being produced at the family-owned olive oil mill. The olives are harvested when perfectly ripe, cold-pressed in a modern two-phase mill and stored under ideal conditions thus preserving the nutritional characteristics of the olive juice. The end-product is 100% natural, healthy and tasty olive oil from the village of Anoskeli with the blessing of the Greek sun and the wonderful Cretan nature.


In the family owned linear vineyards, found at an altitude of 250 meters, white (Vilana, Vidiano and Asyrtiko) and red (Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache Rouge) varieties are cultivated. Production is of low yield while the vine harvesting is done manually. The wine making process is conducted under controlled temperatures in the fully equipped privately-owned winery of the company.


Tsikoudia (also known as Raki in other parts of Crete) is a distillate of grapes from our vineyards located in the semi-mountainous village Anoskeli