ANO KATO 500ml

ANO KATO Tsikoudia 500ml
Traditional Tsikoudia (Raki)
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Tsikoudia (also known as Raki in other parts of Crete) is a distillate of carefully selected grapes from low yielding (> 1200 kgr /acre) vineyards located in the semi-mountainous village of Anoskeli. ANO KATO is a product of double distillation, produced and bottled in a local distillery under low temperatures and controlled conditions.

Its characteristics are gentle scent of grapes, excellent clarity, and balanced taste.

Serving temperature: 5 to 18 ° C

Serves either as an apperitif or a digestive after a rich meal. Pairs well with cheese and cold cuts and cooked meat.

Available in premium glass bottles of 500ml.

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