ANO PLAYA red dry wine
Red Dry Wine | PGI CRETE
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Red, variety blend, dry wine from family-owned vineyards located in the semi-mountainous village of Anoskeli. The vineyards have a low yield (> 1.200 kgr/0,1 acre) while the vine harvesting is done manually. The ANO PLAYA, red wine holds a Protected Geographical Indication Crete (PGI).

Vinification | Conducted under controlled temperatures (20-25°C) and the wine stays in french oak barrels for 10 months.

Varietal Composition | 80% Syrah, 10% Grenache rouge, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon

Characteristics |  Ripe tannins, clear crimson color, average acidity, rich tears in the glass

Taste Structure | Aroma of spices, ripe red fruits and a floral nose.

Serving Temperature |  15-18°C

Pairing | A suitable accompaniment for cooked dishes and grilled meat.

Aging Potential | Up to 15 years

Available in glass bottles of 750ml.

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