Red Dry Wine | PGI CRETE
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Red mono-varietal wine from family-owned vineyards located in the semi-mountainous village Anoskeli. The vineyards have a low yield (> 1.200 kgr/0,1 acre) while the vine harvesting is done manually.

Vinification | Vinification is conducted under controlled temperatures (20-25oC) in the fully equipped winery of the Company.

Varietal Composition | 100% Syrah

Characteristics | Deep red color with ruby hues that fill the glass and its balanced acidity delivers harmony and a tight body

Taste Structure | Intense aromas of red fruit and herbs, such as sage and verbena.The fruity essence becomes even stronger with distinct aromas of raspberry, cherry, cinnamon and vanilla. One is left in the end with an aftertaste of a slightly spicy chocolate sensation.

Serving Temperature | 15-18°C

Pairing | Pairs prefectly with pizza, cheese and red meat.

Aging Potential | Up to 5 years

Available in glass bottles of 750ml.

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